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Your Sister in the Pursuit of a Purpose Driven Life,

What Is Driving Your Love Agenda?

In 2008, I attended a wedding every Saturday from March till August, and 3 of my siblings had beautiful babies.
I began to fuel my tank with the energy of desperation instead of wholeness.
So who is driving your love agenda? 
Is it the Valentines’ day hawker?
What is fueling your journey to love?
Is it desperation? Age? Social Status?
Is love supposed to hurt?
Are you bold enough to search within, embrace your wholeness and own your fabulousness?
Yes Yes Yes?
Then watch this and share with your loved ones too. You never know who needs to hear this, like I needed to in 2008.
Enjoy, share and please join our tribe – www.ganiyah.com/join-us and/or www.facebook.com/houseofganiyah.com. We have two big events this month – #LoveInCancun book release and Dr. Shola Shade Ezeokoli is coming to the village meeting at month end.