She-EO: Inspiring Conversations That Matter!



House of Ganiyah is pleased and highly honored to present She-EO, a powerful, soul inspiring and life transforming experience for purpose driven women. It is a talk-show style experience, which features experts and “battle tested winners” whose stories, authenticity and experiences will transform the lives of our audience and inspire them to think about  Money & Investments, Impact, Love & Relationships, Health and Wellness, and Career & Purpose from a position of wholeness and strength.

The goal of She-EO is to provide safe platforms for multi-cultural women of color to retreat and discuss issues related to personal growth and community engagement. She-EO specifically addresses financial, mental and societal barriers that inhibit the growth and progress of women.

What is Unique About She-EO?
She-EO is breaking cultural barriers by having no hold barred discussions about issues that are “taboo” topics in many cultures and communities. But these barriers have to be broken so millions of women can live more fulfilling lives, and make better contributions in their communities.

FAQs About She-E-O

    1. Do I need to get my tickets in advance or can I pay at the door? Yes, You need to buy tickets before the event. Tickets will not be sold at the door.
    2. Is this a religious event? No, women of all faiths and beliefs are welcome to attend She-EO.
    3. Is this a business/career/professional event? No, it isn’t. At She-EO we break barriers by hosting inspiring discussions about: Money & Investments, Impact, Love & Relationships, Health and Wellness, and Career & Purpose.
    4. Is there an age limit? Not really. However, the event is designed for women over the age of 25.
    5. Will childcare be provided? No, we are unfortunately unable to provide childcare.
    6. How long will the event last for? 8 hours. Registration will begin at 9am, and the event will start promptly at 10am and wrap up by 5pm. Please plan to arrive by 9am so you don’t miss the most interesting discussions, which start in the morning. She-EO is not a “Hoorah-kumbaya” event, come ready to learn, to be inspired, energized and most importantly, get ready to drink from a fire hose. Yes, fire hose! It’s going to be deep, and wisdom will hit you from all corners with the speed of light.
    7. Will there be food and drinks at the event? Yes.
    8. Will I have to share my secrets or ask questions openly? No. You will have the opportunity to send in questions anonymously before the event and even during the event. Your confidentiality will be guaranteed.

So are you ready to Be a SheEO, Make a SheEO and Meet a SheEO? Yes? Get more details about the next event close to you below: