SheEO MD 2017 Was Awesome!

SheEO Was All That And More, But We Have Only Just Begun!


If you were at the inaugural edition of SheEO in Maryland on August 19, then I don’t have to tell you that we had an awesome time, and the energy in the room was enough to power an entire city. If you missed it, perhaps the few photos on our Facebook page may give you a slight idea of how it all went down. You may also read about the speakers and obtain their contact information here.

I have casually talked about how it took me 3 years to move on SheEO, but I have never really explained why. I was terrified, confused and insecure. There were times I felt it was a foolish idea, and at other times, I felt I was not big enough to gather people together in a room to share and learn. But something clicked in me this year as you may have noticed, I thought – “Its now or never. Tope, you’ve got to do this.” And the rest is history.

Like many United for Kids initiatives I have been honored to lead, the Euro Tour I did this year and so many other things I have done lately, I stalled and paused on SheEO because I was scared of failing at it. But guess what I have now learned and now practice? As long as I am doing something that is in alignment with my true self, that is not in conflict with how my soul yearns to serve, and something I have cleared with my GPS, I will always succeed by the grace of the almighty, regardless of how scared I am. 

So what about you? what are you stalling and pausing on? What is that thing you are scared of failing at? What is that thing you wish you could combine with your current 9-5 or quit your 9-5 to fully pursue? Who are the people waiting for you day in, day out to get the courage to serve them like you were created to do? You don’t have to go round and round in circles, I already did that for both of us (laughs,) so now let me hold your hand while you take the leap to success! I have learned to fly with my fears, and I will be honored to give you the tools to do same.

Whether it is a business venture you want to pursue or a social cause you want to invest in, I will be highly honored to help you navigate the road ahead with a RELEASE One on One SessionMy goal is to inspire you to find, teach you to fund and empower you to fully unleash that calling. Not sure this is right for you? Book a free session first, and then make up your mind from that point. How about that?

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you again and again. I honestly do not take your trust for granted at all. I look forward to serving you again soon.