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RELEASE Your Impact in Abuja

RELEASE RFI Abuja 2017Tope Fajingbesi Balogun and House of Ganiyah cordially invite you to wrap up the year 2017 with the most inspiring retreat and learning experience.

RELEASE Your Impact is a motivational seminar for “doers” facilitated by Tope Fajingbesi Balogun. It promises to be a day of introspection and self-discovery in a serene location. This program is designed to awaken your senses and empower you to search within your soul to find, attract, fund and excel at your purpose in 2018 and beyond. RELEASE will help move you from Purpose to Impact.

Saturday November 25th, 2017 from 9 am – 4 pm

FullSizeRender 11Rabby Parks, a beautiful, serene and inspiring location that fits the RELEASE theme perfectly.
(Behind Brains and Hammers Estate, Dape District, Life Camp, Abuja.)
Please note that only registered and confirmed attendees will be admitted. Registration is now open here.

RELEASE will help you review your attitude and habits especially as it relates to work, money and relationships. You will also learn how to review your life’s journey in order to discover your purpose from your greatest pain and passion.


If you are looking for a class of “kumbayas” and “hoorahs,” this isn’t it. If you are searching for fluffy sweet talk, this isn’t it either. But if you are ready and willing to open up your mind, challenge your biggest fears, breathe life into your dreams, and make bold plans that match your soul’s ability to soar to greater heights, then you have come to the right place!


RELEASE is designed to equip you face your unique realities about money, to fly and thrive in spite of your greatest fears, make peace with the great potentials within you, whether as an employee, a social/community advocate or an entrepreneur, and most importantly this program will help you map out your relationships and understand how to make them work for you.

Who Should Attend?

  • Doers who wish to dream big, make bold moves and new break barriers.
  • Individuals who are determined to make positive impact in their organizations and communities in 2018 and beyond.
  • People who have the potential to be change agents in their families, organizations and communities.
  • Executives and managers who currently supervise or aspire to manage other employees.
  • Change makers leading nonprofit and community development organizations, or CSR initiatives and human resources departments in their organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs (including aspiring entrepreneurs) who own, or aspire to start profitable businesses that make social and economic impact.
  • Women who have broken through barriers to rise in rank within their organization regardless of their level.
  • Individuals who have suffered significant loss of wealth, property, loved ones or other meaningful elements in their life, who wish to understand how to navigate their way from pain to purpose.
  • People who wish to live comfortable, happy and successful lives within and outside work.
  • Men and women who are passionate about leaving a better world for the future generation.
  • Men and women who wish to build a network of eagles to soar with in 2018 and beyond.

If any of the above sounds like you, then RELEASE is what you need to wrap up 2017 and jumpstart 2018. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of this page to register for one of the 40 slots available.

HoG Delivers!
Here is what previous RELEASE participants said about the program:
“This is life transforming, a huge life turn around can be birthed from this.”
“It was very direct, and relevant to my life/current situation.”
“It was practical. Very detailed and addressed critical life issues.”
“The instructor was open and didn’t hold back. She was so real.”
“It was engaging and inspirational. It energized me to achieve greatness.”
“I liked the pain + passion + purpose analysis.”
“It made me realize that I should push more for what I want in life.”
“The program was an eye opener. Made me see the real potential within me.”
“It made me believe I can be what I want to be.”
“Helped me have an in-depth look at myself and how to be better.”
“I learnt how to walk and work on PURPOSE.”
-       Participants at MNET in July 2016

I am generally skeptical about soft skills trainings, but this one exceeded my expectations. I am someone that gets bored easily, so I usually find myself fiddling with my phone. I got to work on my mind a lot during this training, I also took a lot from it. It made me think, really think. I have always had ideas about what I would love to do, work that makes me happy and not just pay the bills. But I guess I have been calling myself crazy and not really having the guts to do more than dream and analyze. Now I am really trying to think through and see if I could straighten out the kinks and make my crazy idea work. It was not a typical KPMG training, but it was probably the best thing I could have done on a Tuesday morning. Thank you.”
-       – F.A, KPMG, May 2017

Employers – Here are 3 reasons to sponsor your best employees to RELEASE Your Impact in Abuja:

“Companies that learn what drives their best employees will see that it has nothing to do with work and everything to do with their lives outside of work.”
-       J. T O’Donnell, Fast Company

“When we only try to understand and affect what happens at work, we ignore the most basic tenet of person-organization fit: employees bring their whole selves to work. What happens after the workday may be just as important as what happens during it. …Our work selves are only one part of our whole selves–the other parts are the internal self, the external self, and relationships–and it’s important for employers to adopt a holistic approach to understanding employees.”
-       Susan LaMotte, Workforce Consultant & Founder of Exaqueo (Published in Harvard Business Review)

“Employees rank higher in public trust than a firm’s PR department, CEO, or Founder. 41% of us believe that employees are the most credible source of information regarding their business.”
- Edelman Trust Barometer

You honestly don’t want to miss class. Space is limited to only 40 people, so please register today if you are ready to do more of what you have been called to do, be more of who you were created to be and earn more doing what you love to do in 2018 and beyond. Registration is now open here, or simply complete the form below.

SheEO MD 2017 Was Awesome!

SheEO Was All That And More, But We Have Only Just Begun!


If you were at the inaugural edition of SheEO in Maryland on August 19, then I don’t have to tell you that we had an awesome time, and the energy in the room was enough to power an entire city. If you missed it, perhaps the few photos on our Facebook page may give you a slight idea of how it all went down. You may also read about the speakers and obtain their contact information here.

I have casually talked about how it took me 3 years to move on SheEO, but I have never really explained why. I was terrified, confused and insecure. There were times I felt it was a foolish idea, and at other times, I felt I was not big enough to gather people together in a room to share and learn. But something clicked in me this year as you may have noticed, I thought – “Its now or never. Tope, you’ve got to do this.” And the rest is history.

Like many United for Kids initiatives I have been honored to lead, the Euro Tour I did this year and so many other things I have done lately, I stalled and paused on SheEO because I was scared of failing at it. But guess what I have now learned and now practice? As long as I am doing something that is in alignment with my true self, that is not in conflict with how my soul yearns to serve, and something I have cleared with my GPS, I will always succeed by the grace of the almighty, regardless of how scared I am. 

So what about you? what are you stalling and pausing on? What is that thing you are scared of failing at? What is that thing you wish you could combine with your current 9-5 or quit your 9-5 to fully pursue? Who are the people waiting for you day in, day out to get the courage to serve them like you were created to do? You don’t have to go round and round in circles, I already did that for both of us (laughs,) so now let me hold your hand while you take the leap to success! I have learned to fly with my fears, and I will be honored to give you the tools to do same.

Whether it is a business venture you want to pursue or a social cause you want to invest in, I will be highly honored to help you navigate the road ahead with a RELEASE One on One SessionMy goal is to inspire you to find, teach you to fund and empower you to fully unleash that calling. Not sure this is right for you? Book a free session first, and then make up your mind from that point. How about that?

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you again and again. I honestly do not take your trust for granted at all. I look forward to serving you again soon.



You Are Invited: SHE-E-O

House of Ganiyah is pleased and highly honored to introduce you to She-EO, a powerful, soul inspiring and life transforming experience for purpose driven women. Unlike similar events, which are lecture/seminar style formats, She-EO is a talk-show style experience featuring experts, and “battle tested winners” whose stories, authenticity and experiences will transform your life and inspire you to think about #MILC - Money, Intimacy,  Love and Career/Purpose from a position of wholeness.

Last Event: The first edition of She-EO took place in Maryland, USA on Saturday August 19th, 2017.

Next Event: The next edition of She-EO will take place in Lagos Nigeria on Saturday January 13th, 2018. Register Here to join us in Lagos!

 FAQs About She-E-O

  1. Do I need to get my tickets in advance or can I pay at the door? Yes, You need to buy tickets before the event. Tickets will not be sold at the door.
  2. Is this a religious event? No, women of all faiths and belief are welcome to attend She-EO.
  3. Is there an age limit? Not really. However, the event is designed for women over the age of 25.
  4. Will childcare be provided? No, we are unfortunately unable to provide childcare.
  5. How long will the event last for? 8 hours. We will start promptly by 9am and wrap up by 5pm. Please plan to arrive by 9am so you don’t miss the most interesting discussions, which start in the morning. She-EO is not a “Hoorah-kumbaya” event, come ready to learn, to be inspired, energized and most importantly, get ready to drink from a fire hose. Yes, fire hose! It’s going to be deep, and wisdom will hit you from all corners with the speed of light.
  6. Will there be food and drinks at the event? Yes.
  7. Will I have to share my secrets or ask questions openly? No. You will have the opportunity to send in questions anonymously before the event and even during the event. Your confidentiality will be guaranteed.

So are you ready to Be a SheEO, Make a SheEO and Meet a SheEO? Yes? Tickets are selling out, get yours now!

#TFAJat40 RELEASE One on One Event!

app.coJust in case you missed it, I thankfully celebrated the magical age of 40 on Monday April 17th, and the charitable organization dearest to my heart – United for Kids Foundation also turned 15 on the same date.

I want to celebrate these milestones with my tribe, so I am opening up 15 RELEASE one on one sessions of 60 minutes each at a discount of 40%. Yes, take 40% off to celebrate 40 with me! Instead of paying 40,000 Naira for each life transforming one on one session, you can grab one of these sessions for 24,000 Naira only. Sessions are available between 1pm and 5pm from Tuesday April 25 to Thursday April 27, 2017.

Are you ready to work with me to find, fund and fully unleash your purpose driven life? Want to discuss your “why” and “who” strategies with a coach who gets it? This is going to be life changing, I promise! Sign up here before someone else takes your seat. Remember there are only 15 slots between April 25 and 27th!


Love in Cancun & Release Euro Tour

Hello Tribe Members,

When I made the tough decision to suspend my Love in Cancun tour to lend my hands and heart to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign  in August 2016, a part of me feared that I may never get back on the tour bus again. I thought interrupting the flow and momentum at the time was a risky venture that may not pay off. But I knew that working on the campaign was a unique opportunity that I could not pass off, so I decided to fly with my fear. And even though she didn’t win the presidency, I learnt so much and met so many amazing people whose stories I will carry with me for the rest of my life, in short the experience was worth its weight in gold. And just when I thought it couldn’t get better, I was given the unique opportunity to deliver the field pitch at her second to the last rally a day before the election. What an unforgettable experience! You can watch my speech here.

But guess what? Not only am I excited to be back on the tour bus, I am so blessed that its going to be bigger and even better than I could have dreamed about last year. So my people, in addition to interesting Love in Cancun gists and stories, I am also coming to Europe with the full RELEASE formula by the special grace of God, to inspire and empower you (and myself too!) to find, fund and fully unleash our purpose driven lives! If you thought the photos and videos from Maryland, Lagos and Abuja were nice, well get ready because we are kicking things up a million notches in Europe!  If you are as ready as I am, please take action to reserve your seats now because capacity is limited. Here are the stops the tour bus will be making:

Tour Stop #1 – The Hague, Netherlands
Date: Saturday, February 18th, 2017
Admission: This is a private event hosted by the Nigerian Shell Community in Holland, and attendance is by invitation. Please send an email to for more information.
Agenda: Lecture, Love in Cancun sales and signing.

Tour Stop #2 - London, England
londonDate:  Sunday, February 19th, 2017
Time: 3 pm - 6 pm
Venue: Discover, 387 High Street, Stratford, London E15 4QZ
Agenda: Release 1.0 Mini Course – GPS & Stakeholder modules, Love in Cancun book Discussion, Behind the scenes gists, sales and signing.
Admission: £10. Limited capacity, please reserve on Eventbrite.

Tour Stop #3 – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Date:  Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: Culturando, 15 Avenue de la Faiencerie, 1511 Luxembourg
Agenda: Love in Cancun book discussion, sales and signing.
Admission: Free

Tour Stop #4 - Brussels, Belgium
Friday, February 24th, 2017
10am – 12
American Women’s Club of Belgium. Avenue des Erables, 1
1640 Rhode St Genese
Love in Cancun book discussion, sales and signing.

Tour Stop #5 – Dublin, Ireland
DublinDate:  Saturday, February 25th, 2017
Time: 10 am
VenueIslamic Cultural Center of Ireland, 19 Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14, Ireland
Agenda: Love in Cancun book discussion, sales and signing.
Admission20 (Single) 25 (Mother & Daughter)
Each ticket covers admission and 1 copy of Love in Cancun
Ticket Contact:  0892231037

Here are 3 reasons to attend at least one of the events:

  • All events will be amazing opportunities to learn and be inspired to unleash your purpose driven life,
  • You will meet and network with awesome people like you,
  • It took me a whole day to create this post and the flyer, so seeing you will make it worth it, laughs!

See you soon by the grace of God!

Transformation: The Best Version of You Awaits!


I honestly believe that every human being has two duties: To find what they were created to do, and then find the person who was created to help them do it.

Are you ready to receive and use the right tools to find and embrace your “WHY” and “WHO” starting right now?  If yes,  I want to personally invite you to attend RELEASE in Lagos on January 7th or online on January 21st.

releaseIf boldly pursuing your purpose is the only option you see in 2017 and beyond, if you could use a little help connecting to a powerful GPS to help you navigate this unknown yet crucial journey called life, if managing your life’s “stakeholders” while doing the work that you were created to do within your current organization or elsewhere is as important as plugging the big hole in your purse, then I want to personally invite you to attend RELEASE in Lagos on January 7th or online on January 21st.

Finally, If you have a strong feeling that your time in the little league is over or you are ready to issue a powerful quit notice to those people living rent free in your mind because you are ready to be the best version of yourself, you need to make it a personal goal to attend the RELEASE event in Lagos on January 7th or Online on January 21st.

release2I have a lot of things to say about the course, but I will just say this: I am offering a full money back guarantee if you attend and fully participate in the course and you do not feel satisfied. Yes! I don’t want your money if I haven’t earned it, so please register to join a power packed session in Lagos on January 7th or online on January 21st. Course fee is N25,000 ($50) for the Lagos event and $24.99 for the online event. Yes! It is our special price, that will not be offered ever again, so I am looking forward to seeing you on the boat!

While you are at it, resolve to bring a loved one along so you can grow together! But sign up for a seat in Lagos on January 7th or online on January 21st now because spaces are limited!


Unwrap a New You No Matter What!

copy-of-releaseAdd the constant news about Donald Trump in America to the economic recession in Nigeria, the aftermath of the #BREXIT vote in the U.K. and the raging fire/genocide in Syria to the personal challenges each one of us is facing, and its as if the entire universe is conspiring against our peace of mind.
But some people aren’t just surviving against all odds, they are thriving and excelling. So how are these special people making it happen? How can you and I rise against the tides, learn to dance in the rain and most importantly make delicious pepper soup from the pepper life likes to throw at us? Here is how…

My name is Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi, the Chief “Inspirator” of House of Ganiyah, a house built just to inspire you, and it is my pleasure and honor to share 7 of the essentials tips that have helped me on this journey of living on purpose despite so many challenges including a difficult marriage, a still birth, multiple miscarriages, a divorce, the loss of my father and unemployment with you. In fact these tips have helped make 2016 my best year so far, and made me hopeful of better years ahead.
I pray this video inspires you to live on purpose and unleash the best version of yourself right now. What are you waiting for? Click play to to unlock your breakthrough now. Can’t watch video now? You may listen to the audio here (its the same content, just without my face!)
When you are done, make sure you join my tribe (FREE) at for more empowering tools and for access to my free “RELEASE A New You” webinar on Saturday December 24th 2016.

Video: Tope Fajingbesi Speaking At Hillary Clinton’s Rally

15036681_1108430579291417_4315005113273581451_nI thought my year was “made” when I met President Obama in July, little did I know there was still a bigger deal in the bag. What a huge honor it was to be one of the 3 speakers apart from Hillary Clinton herself at her last rally in Michigan yesterday. I was not only honored to work for Mrs. Clinton as an organizer, I was and still am highly honored that I alongside the Michigan Democratic Party Chair and Senator Debbie Stabenow got to fire up the crowd before she took the stage. So glad to be making #Herstory. See video clip here… #BeInspired