11 Things Yves Saint Laurent Taught Me

Sunday, June 30, 2019
Virgin Atlantic Flight 21K

IMG_8440Yesterday was a special day. After an amazing “destiny helping” 2-day summit in Marrakech, a few of us got to spend some quality time together. We toured the Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Museum, Majorelle Garden and wrapped up the day with lunch at the most breath-taking residence! By the time we finished at the YSL museum, the writer in me could no longer stay focused. So, while other members of our small party toured the garden, I found a nice shaded spot to “insure” my reflections by writing them down.

IMG_8437Now, as the aircraft soars many thousand feet above the Atlantic, I thought to read and reflect on my notes, enrich them with my current thoughts, and also share them with you. I hope they stir up something in your soul as well. So, here are the lessons I learnt:

  1. You were born with your dreams, and they will show up as you journey through life, but you have got to pay attention, or else you will miss the signs. YSL began dreaming of “couture” at the young age of 13. However, if he didn’t tend to and nurture that dream, he would never have created a timeless empire.
  2. A dream will remain an unrealistic fantasy if you don’t make a deliberate and conscious decision to nurture it. YSL joined Christian Dior at the age of 18 (in 1954.) No, he didn’t defer his dream to study engineering, accounting or medicine for his parents first. But beyond being an apprentice with Dior. Nurturing a dream also requires following the clues and leads life gives us even when we don’t have all the answers yet. It requires sowing and tilling with hope and faith, otherwise there can be no bountiful harvest.
  3. You have got to step away from the market place. Perhaps YSL f51c1630-635e-4fa6-ad0c-7b04292322f0wouldn’t have been so creative and successful if he didn’t move from France to Morocco, just as I had to step away from the tour of the garden to journal my thoughts. Could I have done it later at night? Perhaps, but it wouldn’t have been as effective and potent. It may be hard, but you have to learn to step away from the “action” to properly protect, visualize and actualize your dreams.
  4. Don’t be afraid to shine your light. That’s the only way your destiny helper will find you. Dior passed away suddenly just 2 years after YSL joined him, but he (Dior) named YSL as the one to continue the artistic direction of the House of Dior. Had YSL been afraid to shine his light, Dior wouldn’t have recognized the “successor” he had in his team.
  5. Don’t be afraid to “move along.” Especially when you are having a good time and living a “comfortable” successful life. I doubt if YSL would have been as successful if he had stayed trapped in the familiarity of France or House of Dior.
  6. Yves Saint Laurent said: “Style is important, not fashion. Fashion with its madness fades, but style remains.” This quote hit me like a ton of bricks! And I “heard” them in every piece on display as we toured the room where some of his amazing designs were showcased. I mean, those amazing pieces he created years and decades ago would still stop shows today.
  7. Don’t be afraid to be the first. From being the first to launch a ready to wear label in 1966 to unveiling his Chinese collection in 1977, YSL was never afraid to be the first even if the move was greeted by criticisms. He led with boldness and conviction.
  8. b8525e57-5239-4a99-950e-ad36dfc50afaHonor your “tribe.” In one of his speeches, he thanked all the women who had worn his clothes, specifically thanking both the ones who were famous and those who weren’t. He recognized the fact that regardless of how much fame they had, any woman who wore something he created was a member of his tribe that was worthy of the same respect. It was this particular lesson that gave me the strength to leave the private luncheon I had felt so honored to be invited to, barely an hour into it yesterday. I mean, I was having important conversations with everyone I had wanted to speak with one-on-one during the conference, and my flight wasn’t until 10 p.m. at night, so why the hurry? I mean, the fact that Hafsat was happily recounting the stories I had told her about SD a couple of months ago, that a country’s serving ambassador was telling me she wanted me to meet her daughter, or that I was having an amazing conversation with one of the democratic women I have admired for a long time, were enough reasons to stay. But I didn’t. I had promised a young member of my tribe serving in the Peace Corp in Morocco that we would meet, and was more important than any conversation I was having.
  1. Comfort is the enemy of success. But even the best of us get distracted and complacent. Had YSL not been fired from the House of Dior at 30, he may never have created his empire. While waiting to board this flight at Heathrow, I called my older sister whose advice means a lot to me. I told her that I intend to quit one of my “constant” revenue streams to put more time into expanding She-EO. Her response, as expected, a fear laced “why?” sent shivers down my spine for a brief moment. But thankfully I “met” YSL yesterday, and his life reinforced my belief that “I can’t taste mind blowing success unless I am ready to fail woefully.”
  2. Beware of the endless applauses and the boos. Just when I thought I was in my zone writing my thoughts, a strange man walked up to hold my hand blurting out something in native Moroccan language. I am not sure what he said, but he was certainly applauding something I was doing or wearing. His compliments and adoration got lost in the language barrier between us, and then made me lose my train of thoughts. The brief distraction reminded me about “real life.” How often does this happen in our lives? We step away to work on something important, but somehow the noise finds us and derails us. It blocks our signal and connection with our GPS, so we end up getting lost. However, it isn’t just the applauses that can distract, the endless criticisms from the “well-meaning critics” will slow you down faster than the stationary -trucks on “Lagos bridges.”
  3. Yes, leave it all on the field, but don’t wait until the “fat lady sings” before exiting the stage. YSL quit the fashion stage when the ovation was still so loud in 2002. You also have to know when the music has stopped playing or when the tune changes to slow jams, so you can change your steps.

I hope you found at least one of these 11 lessons as useful as I did.

IMG_8447A big thank you to the Founder of Women in Africa – Aude, and her husband who both opened up their home and hearts to us, President Hafsat Abiola (I think MKO would have been super proud of you this week as always,) to JC, who not only led our delegation but took it upon himself to make sure we were deriving maximum benefit from the conference, my roommates – Lydia and Funlayo, Ngozi, who introduced me to Women in Africa, and to every woman and man who transformed lives at the summit this week. Thank you all for staying true to your “why.” May the impact you continue to make never be erased for generations and in eternity.

How to Make That Conference Count

No photo description available.A number of people have reached out to me about the #WIASummit, and that makes me feel really glad. Be sure that I will inform you when registration begins for next year’s #WIASummit #BGG. You can also join their mailing list at www.wia-initiative.com. Having said that, I thought to share a few things that were “re-installed” in my brain this past week. Things that I have learnt and continue to practice when I attend events like this.

1. Be intentional about where you go, and who you meet. There is nothing to gain from being seen seen with famous people or popular events if they can’t help your destiny.
2. Ladies…. Dress to impress for sure, but if “slaying” is your goal, pause to imagine what you can buy or the empire you can build with a million “you look fabulous compliments.”
3. Photos are great, and I love them because i use them to store contacts in my phone so that I remember people after the event. Business cards are even greater. However, the only thing that works better than these, sticks more are the “powerful conversations” you have in the brief moments you share with people. I am sure I am not the only one that finds it hard remember people I meet at event, but what I do remember are remarkable stories and conversations.
4. Be ready! Imagine getting to meet an important destiny helper, and not having your “elevator pitch” linking what you do to their life’s work? What a waste! If you don’t wear your mission on your sleeves, you end up trying to own everyone else’s, and you come across as fake.
5. Use the space well. Don’t attend a conference to meet famous people. Attend to meet your destiny helpers. Enough said…
6. Get a YES. The only response you get when you don’t ask is NO. This one is for my fellow Africans in particular. Go beyond the agenda, don’t wait for planned activities that help break the ice. Speak to strangers, find common interests. And don’t judge a person by its cover.
7. Finally, it’s not the highs of the event that will move you to the next level, it’s how you use what you got and who you met afterwards that count. So what if you got a thousand cards and tons of photos? Sometimes it’s one piece of information you paid attention to, or one connection with the most unlikely person that transforms your life. The real work starts after the applauses end, and the lights go out, so be intentional and always roll up your sleeves.
– Love, @TFAJ17

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Hot Seat Guests

Headshot Douglas EzeDouglas A. C. Eze established Largo Financial Services Inc. in 2000 with a vision to provide individuals and small business owners with the education and guidance needed to achieve financial freedom. As a wealth strategist, award-winning financial advisor and author, Douglas believes in helping his clients find money in places they may be throwing it away unknowingly and unnecessarily. He also equips individuals with the information and knowledge to make sound financial decisions. With over 18 years of experience in the financial services industry, Douglas has continually studied and trained to stay current on the principles and trends of personal finance and wealth accumulation. His “common sense”, pragmatic approach when considering financial alternatives stands out among others. Douglas is a distinguished member of the exclusive Million Dollar Roundtable, an organization of notable financial representatives. As a leading business figure, Douglas has also been featured in Profile Magazine and Power Broker Magazine as one of the Top 25 Top Wealth Builders and Financial Professionals in the Tampa Bay Area. Douglas will be answering the toughest questions about getting debt and wealth creation/retention. So if you want to do better in this area, you should reserve your seat at She-EO today.

Head Shot - Kathy HankinsKathy Hankins is the owner of KatTur LLC, for health and wellness, as well as patient advocacy. She received her Registered Yoga Teacher certification in 2014, but has been a practicing yogi since 1973. She currently teaches mixed level classes of various types of yoga and meditation at the Western Presbyterian Church in the Foggy Bottom area of Washington, D.C. She occasionally teaches at the Women’s Center in Rockville, Maryland. Kathy is also a “People Walker,” which is a practice of yoga and walking for fitness and wellbeing.

Head Shot NajwaNajwa Awad is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-C) that has provided mental health services to individuals and families in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area for over 10 years. She obtained a Bachelors degree in Psychology at George Mason University and a Masters in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University specializing in the clinical treatment of individuals and families. Najwa also has post graduate education in the treatment of complex psychiatric trauma and online counseling. Her experience in the field is diverse and includes providing services at group homes, schools and in the foster care system. Most recently Najwa has been working and supervising in outpatient mental health settings providing therapy to women, children and families. Commonly treated issues include trauma, mood disorders, behavioral disorders and anxiety. Najwa gives regular mental health workshops in the community and is also Fellow at the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research.

Head Shot Abi AkinolaAbi (Bisoye) Akinola is a serial entrepreneur. She is the owner and CEO of Siobhan Foods -a franchisee of a top Quick Service Restaurant brand (Chicken Republic) in Nigeria- and the founder of Tea For Two, a catering company which serviced a couple of Primary schools in Ikoyi and Lekki, Lagos. She graduated with a B.Sc Estate Management and an MBA from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She was the Pastor of Oakwood, a parish of the RCCG in Lekki Lagos from March 2015 to October 2016 when she moved to Paris with her family. She’s a speaker who also loves to write in her spare time. Abi currently lives in a suburb of Paris, France.

Head Shot - CordeliaCordelia Gaffar is an international best-selling published author, speaker, Certified in Sports Nutrition, a former corporate accountant and mom of 6. She helps women to heal by building a system of self-nurturing nourishing with wholesome food, energizing with movement and reframing her perspective with sweet talk ultimately eliminating the cause of her health conditions and detox her body. After the birth of her second child, she sought medical attention for postpartum depression and extreme weight gain which led to her studies in nutrition, exercise, and mindset. In less than a year, she lost over 60 pounds and regained clarity and joy. With that transformation, it became her mission to hone that superpower and help women to do the same. She is the hostess of  the Replenish Me show on the Progressive Radio Network and featured on international  Radio 786 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Head Shot - Funlayo AlabiFunlayo Alabi (CEO, Shea Radiance) and her husband Shola Alabi co-founded Shea Radiance, a natural beauty brand based in Maryland that manufactures hair and body care products using shea butter as a key ingredient. Their business was born out of a need to find a natural solution for their children’s eczema and dry skin problems. An integral part of Shea Radiance mission is to empower 16 million African women who processing shea nuts and butter, and connect them with women around the world who benefit from their artisan craftsmanship. Shea Radiance products can be found in Natural Specialty stores across the US including Whole Foods Markets in the Mid Atlantic region. Funlayo serves as the Chair of the Global Shea Alliance Sustainability Working Group where she is responsible for leading change to ensure the next generation of business values the input of the women whose labor is so instrumental to the industry.  Funlayo holds a B.A. in International Business from Howard University and an M.B.A. from Regent University.

Head Shot Funmi 2Funmi Williamson, Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Risk Officer, leads the risk management function for Constellation and Exelon Generation. As a member of the Constellation Leadership Committee, Williamson is responsible for the identification, assessment, and monitoring of Strategic, Financial and Operational risks, and the communication of those risks to the Finance and Risk Committee of the Board of Directors. Previously, Williamson was vice president, Commercial Risk Management. In that role, she was responsible for ensuring that all commercial activities were aligned with Exelon’s risk appetite while providing the opportunity for growth. Prior to joining Constellation, she was a member of the Assurance and Business Advisory team at Arthur Andersen. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

Seun ObajoluSeun Obajolu is an internationally acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Relationship Coach, and Social Media Influencer with a focus on Life coaching, Relationships and Marriages. She is the Founder/CEO of Inspyred Hope – an Umbrella Nonprofit organization registered in the United States and Nigeria, which empowers women and families through outreach programs, advocacy and literacy, and support groups. She is very passionate about issues affecting women and families, and she is an avid change agent in reversing the status quo of women marginalization in modern societies. She holds a Bachelor’s of science degree in Nursing from Grand Canyon University, Arizona, USA. She is married with 4 Girls. Seun will be tackling tough questions about sex and intimacy at She-EO 3.0: Be More Edition.

Head Shot Deola 2Dr. Adeola Oke, a Nurse, Public Health Professional and experienced Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, helps people enjoy a healthy and wholesome life through a holistic approach to health-care. She is three allied health professionals in one! She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Public Health and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from University of Maryland. She is also a Board-Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. She experienced the benefit of quality natural supplements when she woke up one day unable to walk.  After getting no relief from acetaminophen or ibuprofen, she turned to a natural pain supplement. An hour after taking the supplement, she was able to walk again without pain! She currently works with veterans to optimize their health. Her medical knowledge, personal experiences and passion for public health inspired her upcoming book titled: “Heal Thy Joints: Pharmacist Reveals Insider Secrets To Pain Relief Safely & Naturally.”

16832148_10154713925055589_84084019453050776_nADEOLA ARIYO is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and an aspiring author. She’s very passionate about inspiring people to live a fulfilled life and driven by women and children empowerment. Although trained as a Software Engineer, she’s always been involved in mentoring and tutoring the youth since her early years. She believes strongly in the importance of having a mentor to help guide, nurture and develop one’s gifts. This passion of hers led to the birth of THE GEMZ, Inc., a mentoring and leadership program in the Washington DC metropolitan area, for girls and young ladies between the ages of 11 and 18. In 2016, the organization added a new initiative to provide a platform and host networking and training events for women between the ages of 35 and 50 to inspire them to network, dream again, launch businesses and impact the younger generation. Adeola’s initiatives have been featured on the Washington post, 104.1 and recently interviewed on Good morning Washington, ABC7 news. Adeola is passionate about living a life of legacy by making an impact in the lives of others. Her motto is to live and not merely exist. She is married with 3 adorable sons and currently resides in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Head ShotTausi-2Tausi Suedi is a multilingual global public health policy professional whose passion and work primarily focuses on maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health in marginalized communities mainly in low- and middle-income countries. With a public track record reflecting more than twelve years of international work experience, understanding of cultural complexities and the vast global health landscape, Suedi brings a unique and amplified voice to address the health access challenges women, children, and youth in underserved urban and rural areas are facing. Fueled by her own maternal health experiences, Childbirth Survival International (CSI) was birthed. At CSI, a global nonprofit she cofounded in 2013, her role is centered on effective grassroots interventions in reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent/youth health; shaping health policies to reach the unreached with quality health services and information; strengthening capacity of frontline health workers and health facilities especially in underserved communities to provide basic health services; being strategic in rallying support from the community especially men and local/religious leaders to champion issues for women and girls; drive economic empowerment opportunities for women and adolescents/youth forced to drop out of school; plus engaging with government leaders, partners, donors and various stakeholders to maximize outreach and impact. Under her leadership, CSI currently spans across five countries in sub-Saharan Africa: Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Ghana, and Nigeria; including locally in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. In May 2003, Suedi graduated from Towson University in Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health with a minor in Geography and Environmental Planning. Driven and eager to serve humanity, she earned a Master of Public Health track Global Health Policy from the George Washington University, District of Columbia in May 2005.

RitaDr. Rita Bailey-Roland, CPA is a graduate of George Washington University (GWU) with a degree in Accountancy.  She is a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC(sm) and the Founder and President of Affordable Benefits Solutions, Inc. She started her successful career at CSO as an Agent. Years later she moved on to become President of EU Financial, Inc. a million dollar insurance agency.  In 2004, Rita aided in the development of the government division of Financial Assurance Corporation and was appointed Vice President. Rita has been assisting clients for the last 26 years accumulating over 2,600 clients. She has educated taught several workshops for Blacks in Government, Federally Employed Women, IRS, EPA, APWU, VA, Dept of Justice, NTEU and many more agencies and associations. Dedicating her insurance/ financial career to changing people’s lives one at a time came from her life experiences and a result of her mother’s death when she was 11 years old. Rita realized then and teaches now, that understanding your employee benefits are crucial to planning for the financial future for you and your family. Rita is an advocate for helping people to align their values and dreams with their actions. She is known for helping her clients strategize their financial plans.  She’s committed to her business through her hard work, dedication and expanding her client base by providing a full range of products and services.

Head Shot - KumbaKumba is a mother, wife, business owner in Africa, humanitarian and advocate for women issues. She is the proprietor and creative director of “Tresor, the Closet and Beyond” , a leading high end fashion store in The Gambia, which opened in 2010. Tresor was awarded the fashion store of the year in The Gambia in 2012, after just only two years in business. Kumba runs her business by spending significant amounts of time in both the USA and Africa, effectively leverages technology to efficiently manage her business. Kumba is also founder of the “Yes, We Can Read” program which focuses on young kids in The Gambia. This was started and privately funded by her family in 2009. Sponsorship has expanded to include other Gambians and non-Gambians in the diaspora as well as 10% of sales proceeds from Tresor, the Closet and Beyond. Kumba is the founder of the Night of Excellence in The Gambia, which recognizes the outstanding achievements of Gambian women both in The Gambia and the diaspora. The event is also a fundraiser for the “Yes, We Can Read” program. Kumba has substantial experience both in managerial roles and as a high grossing sales executive in the US. Kumba holds a degree in international business and finance from the Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She was born in The Gambia and came to the USA after high school to attend university. She is a dual citizen of the USA and The Gambia.

Verizon_Magda_Yrizarry_thumbnailMs. Magda N. Yrizarry serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Talent & Diversity Officer at Verizon Communications Inc. Ms. Yrizarry is responsible for designing strategies related to diversity, ethics, company culture, safety and environment. Ms. Yrizarry served as Vice President of Workplace Culture, Diversity & Compliance at Verizon Communications Inc. and served as its Vice president of Workplace Culture and Compliance since August 2004. In her previous position, Ms. Yrizarry developed strategic alliances with national multicultural organizations, and represented Verizon on issues of public policy and corporate responsibility. She began her Verizon career at New York Telephone in 1990 and served in various assignments in community relations, market development and governmental affairs and Verizon Foundation. Ms. Yrizarry is a Founding Member of 100 Hispanic Women, Chairperson of ASPIRA of New York and a Member of the ASPIRA Association’s executive board. She is the recipient of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) Foundation’s highest honor, the President’s Award, for her commitment to Latino youth and the Hispanic community. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Regional Planning from Cornell University and completed the executive training program at Harvard University.


Headshot - BunmiMistress of Ceremonies – Bunmi Emenanjo

An attorney with a biotechnology background, Bunmi  has a career that spans 16 years moving fluidly between the legal and biotechnology world. While her current profession is as an ethics attorney, she continues to pursue her various passions. A strong believer in nourishing your creative spirit, she enjoys writing, cooking, baking, and refurbishing used furniture; hiking the great outdoors is her self-care of choice. A mother to three Nigerian-American children, she created the children’s book club, Atlas Kids Book Club, as part of her efforts to ensure that her children remain connected with their African heritage and continue to develop a global awareness through literature. A student of authenticity and vulnerability, Bunmi studies the teachings of experts such as Brene Brown and Pema Chodron, incorporating these lessons into daily life. An avid reader and culture seeker, she believes that a curious mind, a yearning for constant learning, a fearless pursuit of your purpose, and an active practice of giving and gratitude are key to living your best life.

Headshot RashidatGuest Host – Rashidat Fawehinmi Raji

Her name is Rashidat Fawehinmi Raji and she is HER GiST. HER GiST is about a Nigerian American woman; who is reaching for her purpose, yet rooted in her culture. She is passionate about her purpose to serve others, her tribe who she affectionately calls “my Gistas.”  She serves them as a stock broker, who trades in an essential commodity, Laughter. With humor, she helps her Gistas be comfortable in their skin and ‘stand out’ rather than ‘blend in’ in whatever western situation they may find themselves. That’s why her goal is “making you laugh seriously.”

Head Shot - LoladeLolade Olayokun is the second to last of five children in her family. As fate would have it, the pressure for her to become a doctor or lawyer had faded away by the time her parents were ready to raise her. Shortly after her reign as Miss.Nigeria Independence 2011-12, she kicked off her career in entertainment and Journalism. The name MC Lolahstic has allowed Lolade to speak at Columbia University, host events in London, Toke Makinwa book signing event in Lagos Nigeria, and host on and off the red carpet. In the spring and Fall semesters, Lolade curates the MC Lolahstic College Tour, where she hosts various African Student Organization shows around the country. When Lolade is passionate about something, she goes the extra mile to make sure everyone in her network knows about it. Through these milestones, Lolade became the first producer and Media Correspondent for Battabox.com in the United States.  These milestones have provided unlimited spaces for her to be a creative, humor news driven, and a entertainment junkie that will not stop until she has fulfilled her level of self-success and self-fulfillment.


Join Us For Half Time Report!


Half-Time Reportby GaniyahI am definitely not the only one recording less productivity these days thanks to the ongoing #FIFA world cup. Apart from being a huge source of entertainment for us all, I think there is a ton of lesson notes we can take away from each game. For instance, the way some teams come out more focused, and therefore achieve a lot more after the half time magic in their locker rooms. If you watched Nigeria vs. Iceland yesterday (June 22,) you will understand what I mean by the effects of half time magic.

So its time to do same in our lives as we approach the half-time of 2018! Whether the first half of 2018 was lackluster for you and you need to up your game in the second half, or the first half was blazing hot and you need to maintain momentum, you should certainly join me for this highly interactive session with a few of my friends and experts that I consult personally.

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You Can’t Grow …….

IMG_1549Every time I feel like House of Ganiyah isn’t meeting its “financial obligations” to me, I attempt to go back to accounting/finance. Why? It’s a “route” I know and navigated profitably for 2 decades. So earlier this year, I decided to attend a financial counseling conference that would help me better explore the route I “already” knew. The 1st day was okay, but the 2nd day was painful. The sessions were “interesting” but I kept scanning the room thinking “who are these people? These things they are teaching to do aren’t the things my tribe need to learn. Yes there are folks who need this, but they are not my tribe.”
On the morning of day 3, the final day, which I skipped completely I started having an internal struggle. The thought of going back home that day to find “financial counseling” work kept sinking my heart no matter how hard I tried to lift it up, then I dared to think about scaling #RELEASE, doing an inspiring #MoneyMagic conference, making #SheEO bigger and better, re-launching Impact Africa to fund and build up micro social change makers in Africa, and my heart began beating fast and furiously. I began to visualize people coming in and out of the events feeling able and inspired, then my chest literally began to ache with fear, that fear your heart feels when you get on a high way in a busy fast paced city that isn’t home. So I decided to do it! What’s the worst that will happen? Failure. But if I am not ready to lose it all, then I am not ready for prime time.
We can’t grow when we stay on familiar lanes. It is only when we challenge own inner “status quo” that success happens. Until we decide to go big or go home, we will always be stuck as spectators of success. So if you are ready to stop being a spectator in your own life, then sign up to join me on my #RELEASE#NG tour in #Abuja on 25.11.17, #Lagos on 2.12.17 or #Ibadan on 9.12.17 #ISA#BGG. These are going to be small group sessions to ensure maximum benefits to my tribe, so you must be registered to attend. All registration details are at: ganiyah.com/events.
PS: These aren’t magic pill events, or motivational feel good talk-shops, these are inspiring and empowering “encounters” that will give you the clarity and strength you need to “do it.” Are you ready?

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RELEASE YOUR IMPACT Ibadan v2Tope Fajingbesi Balogun and House of Ganiyah cordially invite you to wrap up the year 2017 with the most inspiring retreat and learning experience at the grand opening and unveiling of The Village Lounge, an empowering hub for women in Ibadan.

RELEASE Your Impact is a motivational seminar for “doers” facilitated by Tope Fajingbesi Balogun. It promises to be a day of introspection and self-discovery in an inspiring/empowering location. This program is designed to awaken your senses and empower you to search within your soul to find, attract, fund and excel at your purpose in 2018 and beyond. RELEASE will help move you from Purpose to Impact.

Saturday December 16th, 2017 from 9 am – 4 pm.

Registration Details:
Cost – N15,000 (Until Tuesday, December 12, 2017)
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The Village Lounge, Albarka House, Beside GT Bank, Favors, Ibadan.

RELEASE will help you review your attitude and habits especially as it relates to work, money and relationships. You will also learn how to review your life’s journey in order to discover your purpose from your greatest pain and passion.


If you are looking for a class of “kumbayas” and “hoorahs,” this isn’t it. If you are searching for fluffy sweet talk, this isn’t it either. But if you are ready and willing to open up your mind, challenge your biggest fears, breathe life into your dreams, and make bold plans that match your soul’s ability to soar to greater heights, then you have come to the right place!


RELEASE is designed to equip you face your unique realities about money, to fly and thrive in spite of your greatest fears, make peace with the great potentials within you, whether as an employee, a social/community advocate or an entrepreneur, and most importantly this program will help you map out your relationships and understand how to make them work for you.

Who Should Attend?

  • Doers who wish to dream big, make bold moves and new break barriers.
  • Individuals who are determined to make positive impact in their organizations and communities in 2018 and beyond.
  • People who have the potential to be change agents in their families, organizations and communities.
  • Executives and managers who currently supervise or aspire to manage other employees.
  • Change makers leading nonprofit and community development organizations, or CSR initiatives and human resources departments in their organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs (including aspiring entrepreneurs) who own, or aspire to start profitable businesses that make social and economic impact.
  • Women who have broken through barriers to rise in rank within their organization regardless of their level.
  • Individuals who have suffered significant loss of wealth, property, loved ones or other meaningful elements in their life, who wish to understand how to navigate their way from pain to purpose.
  • People who wish to live comfortable, happy and successful lives within and outside work.
  • Men and women who are passionate about leaving a better world for the future generation.
  • Men and women who wish to build a network of eagles to soar with in 2018 and beyond.

If any of the above sounds like you, then RELEASE is what you need to wrap up 2017 and jumpstart 2018. Make sure you register for one of the 20 slots available today.

Registration Details:
Cost – N15,000 (Until Tuesday, December 12, 2017)
Please pay to the Village Lounge (c/o Rodiah Aderinoye – GTB Account # 0159021649.) Please send proof of payment and your full name to villagelounge17@gmail.com to complete your registration, and to ensure that you receive your homework before the class.

Email: villagelounge17@gmail.com

HoG Delivers!
Here is what previous RELEASE participants said about the program:
“This is life transforming, a huge life turn around can be birthed from this.”
“It was very direct, and relevant to my life/current situation.”
“It was practical. Very detailed and addressed critical life issues.”
“The instructor was open and didn’t hold back. She was so real.”
“It was engaging and inspirational. It energized me to achieve greatness.”
“I liked the pain + passion + purpose analysis.”
“It made me realize that I should push more for what I want in life.”
“The program was an eye opener. Made me see the real potential within me.”
“It made me believe I can be what I want to be.”
“Helped me have an in-depth look at myself and how to be better.”
“I learnt how to walk and work on PURPOSE.”
–       Participants at MNET in July 2016

I am generally skeptical about soft skills trainings, but this one exceeded my expectations. I am someone that gets bored easily, so I usually find myself fiddling with my phone. I got to work on my mind a lot during this training, I also took a lot from it. It made me think, really think. I have always had ideas about what I would love to do, work that makes me happy and not just pay the bills. But I guess I have been calling myself crazy and not really having the guts to do more than dream and analyze. Now I am really trying to think through and see if I could straighten out the kinks and make my crazy idea work. It was not a typical KPMG training, but it was probably the best thing I could have done on a Tuesday morning. Thank you.”
–       – F.A, KPMGMay 2017

Employers – Here are 3 reasons to sponsor your best employees to RELEASE Your Impact:

“Companies that learn what drives their best employees will see that it has nothing to do with work and everything to do with their lives outside of work.”
–       J. T O’Donnell, Fast Company

“When we only try to understand and affect what happens at work, we ignore the most basic tenet of person-organization fit: employees bring their whole selves to work. What happens after the workday may be just as important as what happens during it. …Our work selves are only one part of our whole selves–the other parts are the internal self, the external self, and relationships–and it’s important for employers to adopt a holistic approach to understanding employees.”
–       Susan LaMotte, Workforce Consultant & Founder of Exaqueo (Published in Harvard Business Review)

“Employees rank higher in public trust than a firm’s PR department, CEO, or Founder. 41% of us believe that employees are the most credible source of information regarding their business.”
– Edelman Trust Barometer

You honestly don’t want to miss class. Space is limited to only 20 people, so please register today if you are ready to do more of what you have been called to do, be more of who you were created to be and earn more doing what you love to do in 2018 and beyond.

Registration Details:
Cost – N15,000 (Until Tuesday, December 12, 2017)
Please pay to the Village Lounge (c/o Rodiah Aderinoye – GTB Account # 0159021649.) Please send proof of payment and your full name to villagelounge17@gmail.com to complete your registration, and to ensure that you receive your homework before the class.

Email: villagelounge17@gmail.com