Act Like The Sun!

When you don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning,
Act like the sun when it shows up for its life’s work everyday no matter what.

When you feel unappreciated and ignored,
Act like the sun when it comes out and works full time, even on the coldest winter days when no one notices.

When the waves and storms of life threaten to drown out your efforts,
Act like the sun when it struggles and successfully overtakes even the darkest clouds every morning.

When the devil tries to sow the seed of pride and arrogance in your heart, telling you such and such are beneath you,
Act like the sun, which ignores class and wealth, and shines it’s light equally on all.

When you know it’s time to walk away but the cheers and fears keep holding you back,
Act like the sun when it sets every day no matter whose watching.

May God help you to act like the sun, to release your purpose and show up for your life’s work no matter what!

-Tope Fajingbesi-Balogun
July 31, 2016

Met President Obama At Last

You Are Invited – Love In Cancun Book Launch

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About Love In Cancun
How does one deal with the passing of the most important person in their life, and then deal with the loss of a six-figure job? Nurah hit the pause button on her hectic life and went to Cancun, Mexico, leaving everything she owned behind outside of a change of clothes, to reconnect with herself on a spiritual journey with unknowns around every corner helping guide her back on the path she was meant to be on from the start. Love in Cancun, a heartfelt documentation from a middle aged, single woman’s perspective reveals the challenges of having to face the constant emotional struggles that one who feels as if life had passed her by had felt. She deals with them in a way that few outside of her shoes could understand, and finds herself in an entirely new setting than she had expected.

CancunAbout the Author
Ganiyah Tope Fajingbesi is the host of Impact Africa and Coordinating Trustee of United for Kids Foundation. She is the noted author of What Color Is Your Money? Your Personalized Road Map to Business Success, which was published in April 2013. Love in Cancun is loosely based on her six-day holiday in Cancun, Mexico in August 2015

Why Should You Attend The Launch?

  • You will get the real scoop behind my Cancun love story,
  • You will be inspired to ask big and speak boldly for your success,
  • You will be making a big dent in the fight to end illiteracy and poverty in children from low income families. One third of the proceeds from this book will be donated directly to organizations such as United for Kids Foundation.
  • I am ready to be inspired and to change the world in the process too. Will you join me? RSVP for the April 17 Launch Event.




    The Nail In Your Boot

    The nail in his boot created magic, what will yours create? Imagine the possibilities of your “pain.”

    Will You Fly or Freeze With Fear?

    What Is Driving Your Love Agenda?

    In 2008, I attended a wedding every Saturday from March till August, and 3 of my siblings had beautiful babies.
    I began to fuel my tank with the energy of desperation instead of wholeness.
    So who is driving your love agenda? 
    Is it the Valentines’ day hawker?
    What is fueling your journey to love?
    Is it desperation? Age? Social Status?
    Is love supposed to hurt?
    Are you bold enough to search within, embrace your wholeness and own your fabulousness?
    Yes Yes Yes?
    Then watch this and share with your loved ones too. You never know who needs to hear this, like I needed to in 2008.
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    Happy New You Happened!

    Dear Tribe Members:

    Thank you for making today’s village meeting, Happy New You, a success. Big thanks to our amazing teachers who generously poured into us for more than 2 hours today. While our amazing coaches will be back to dig deeper, I hope you will visit them in their online homes and take the amazing opportunities they have available. Thank you Bravepreneur Bolaji Oyejide, breast cancer survivor and advocate Jelilat Oyetunji, Psychotherapist and Coach, Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara, Family Life Coach ‘Yinka Ogunfemi, Balanced Living Coach and Physician Dr. Shola Shade Ezeokoli and Abdulazeez Odusanya. And thank you to all those who took time to join us. The replay of the event is available here, the guide to the replay is as follows:
    00:00:00 – Introduction
    00:11:00 – Sholashade Ezeokoli
    00:33:00 – Yinka Ogunfemi
    01:02:00 – Bolaji Oyejide
    01:23:00 – Abdulazeez Odusanya
    01:32:00 – Jelilat Oyetunji
    01:49:00 – Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara
    02:04:30 – Tope Fajingbesi

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    Thank you so much and God bless!

    Your Living on Purpose Partner,
    Tope Fajingbesi

    Launch a Happy New You in 2016 on January 24, 2016

    IMG_8216Are you ready to unleash a Happy New You in 2016?
    Do you know that the world is waiting for your purpose?
    Are you ready to let go of the crippling fear that is blocking your success?
    Are you tired of the of the frustration you feel at work and at home?
    Do you long for a strong and an assuring relationship with your maker?
    Are you ready to speak and breathe life into your miracles?
    Do you want to learn how to attract and retain the love that you deserve?

    If you answered YES to any of the above questions, we invite you to join us at House of Ganiyah’s first tribal meeting/webinar – Happy New You.
    Join Bravepreneur Bolaji Oyejide, breast cancer survivor and advocate Jelilat Oyetunji, Psychotherapist and Coach, Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara, Family Life Coach ‘Yinka Ogunfemi, Balanced Living Coach and Physician Dr. Shola Shade Ezeokoli and your host, House of Ganiyah Founder, Author and your Purpose Driven Life Enabler, Tope Fajingbesi.
    Simply join our tribe and mark your calendar (Sunday January 24th 2016 at 2PM ET) to attend the event.