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Half-Time Reportby GaniyahI am definitely not the only one recording less productivity these days thanks to the ongoing #FIFA world cup. Apart from being a huge source of entertainment for us all, I think there is a ton of lesson notes we can take away from each game. For instance, the way some teams come out more focused, and therefore achieve a lot more after the half time magic in their locker rooms. If you watched Nigeria vs. Iceland yesterday (June 22,) you will understand what I mean by the effects of half time magic.

So its time to do same in our lives as we approach the half-time of 2018! Whether the first half of 2018 was lackluster for you and you need to up your game in the second half, or the first half was blazing hot and you need to maintain momentum, you should certainly join me for this highly interactive session with a few of my friends and experts that I consult personally.

So what is half-time report all about? Its a FREE online event where you review the challenges and successes of the first half of the year, and more importantly get proven tools that will unlock greater successes for you in the second half of the year. We will be focusing on finance& money management, career and emotional strength. Honestly, you do not want to miss this one!

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