How to Make That Conference Count

No photo description available.A number of people have reached out to me about the #WIASummit, and that makes me feel really glad. Be sure that I will inform you when registration begins for next year’s #WIASummit #BGG. You can also join their mailing list at Having said that, I thought to share a few things that were “re-installed” in my brain this past week. Things that I have learnt and continue to practice when I attend events like this.

1. Be intentional about where you go, and who you meet. There is nothing to gain from being seen seen with famous people or popular events if they can’t help your destiny.
2. Ladies…. Dress to impress for sure, but if “slaying” is your goal, pause to imagine what you can buy or the empire you can build with a million “you look fabulous compliments.”
3. Photos are great, and I love them because i use them to store contacts in my phone so that I remember people after the event. Business cards are even greater. However, the only thing that works better than these, sticks more are the “powerful conversations” you have in the brief moments you share with people. I am sure I am not the only one that finds it hard remember people I meet at event, but what I do remember are remarkable stories and conversations.
4. Be ready! Imagine getting to meet an important destiny helper, and not having your “elevator pitch” linking what you do to their life’s work? What a waste! If you don’t wear your mission on your sleeves, you end up trying to own everyone else’s, and you come across as fake.
5. Use the space well. Don’t attend a conference to meet famous people. Attend to meet your destiny helpers. Enough said…
6. Get a YES. The only response you get when you don’t ask is NO. This one is for my fellow Africans in particular. Go beyond the agenda, don’t wait for planned activities that help break the ice. Speak to strangers, find common interests. And don’t judge a person by its cover.
7. Finally, it’s not the highs of the event that will move you to the next level, it’s how you use what you got and who you met afterwards that count. So what if you got a thousand cards and tons of photos? Sometimes it’s one piece of information you paid attention to, or one connection with the most unlikely person that transforms your life. The real work starts after the applauses end, and the lights go out, so be intentional and always roll up your sleeves.
– Love, @TFAJ17

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