How to thrive during this unusual season!

I don’t know about you, but the combination of the sad news all over the airwaves, loss of a good friend to the COVID-19 pandemic, crashing stock market, oil price collapse, forced house arrest for the past 45 days, and teaching my university courses online was about to send me to rehab until the month of Ramadan started on Friday!
Now, after 3 days of fasting, I feel like I can finally write to my dear tribe members and share some tips that have brought peace and hope into my heart.
So, here we go, I hope these help!

  1. Don’t allow anyone bully you into discovering that magical purpose during this time you are home! Run your own race!
  2. Give yourself some grace period – there will be days all you want to do is eat ice cream and watch TV the entire day. Those are called mental health days! And yes, they may occur for 7 days in a row during this crisis period. Take them!
  3. Don’t sweat about your potential job loss or feel overly confident that your job will survive this global downturn. There is a middle road here – take it!
  4. Live well, but live lean! This is not the time to “live only once.” Don’t be reckless. But don’t hoard, and don’t be miserly. However, understand, that there are many other ways to help people other than doling out cash!
  5. Write – journal! Write down your dreams, fears, hopes, whatever, just write! There is power in written words, and in 5 years time, you will learn so much more about yourself from yourself.
  6. Hope – Have high hopes and expectations that you and your loved ones will survive this crisis, and allow yourself to dream about a meaningful life after it! Think about how you can “live more” when this is over! 
  7. Pray, pray and pray. Connect with the FORCE that is far bigger than you and I. And have high expectations of that FORCE.

I hope these words heal your heart and help you begin this new week on a brighter note.

Hope to see you soon, by the grace of God.


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