Letting Go: Part 1

My inbox, whatsapp and cell phone have been on overtime duties since I made and shared this video, which has gathered almost 6,000 views in 3 days. I am truly humbled by the trust of friends and complete strangers who have since shared their all too familiar struggles with me. I have barely posted anything on my Facebook page since Sunday (which is unlike me,) because I have been reflecting on all the conversations I have had with you, and it is your overwhelming response that has made me wake up this blog again today, Alhamdulillah. Over the next couple of weeks insha Allah, I will share my thoughts and the lessons I have learned about “letting go and letting God” through texts and videos. May God help you “hear” me better than the words I use, and may He make this a reminder for me as well because I always need it. So here we go with Part 1.

  1. You are not alone in this struggle to find your happy place. The human desire to pursue happiness is a life long struggle, which only ends when we die, but I am learning each day that happiness and wholeness only comes from within.
  2. Speak your truth.  When I made the video, I asked people to share it, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined that it will have almost 6,000 views in less than 72 hours. (PS: If I had known, I would have worn some make up and “glammed” up very well, laughs!) We must learn to ask for big things, speak boldly, write and dream great things about ourselves without showing off or belittling others.
  3. But Tope, I have been speaking my greatness about having a child, a job I like, a spouse that loves me, money to live better etc, but the mountain is not moving.” Yes, the human reaction is to give up, in fact some “religious” people will say you should let it go because maybe God hasn’t destined it to happen. Please don’t go there with them! Did they write your destiny? If you have been praying and speaking that truth forever, but it looks like nothing is happening, it is time to transition from being religious to being spiritual. Keep speaking your truth with firm belief that it will manifest, but take notes on your journey because it is part of your testimony. How will you help someone going through unemployment heal if you haven’t been there before? How will you “speak” about the loneliness of being single and the sadness of heartbreak and betrayal if you haven’t walked these roads? How will you sing “come and see what the Lord has done for me” like my Nigerian Christian friends if the journey is a walk in the park? Your current pain is not meant to break you, it is your internship for your successful Purpose Driven Life.

“But what if I hear from Him but refuse to obey?” No worries, If God favors you, He will push you. Case study – I was unemployed twice in 8 months in the thick of the 2009 recession. Yes, God pushed me twice and instead of being hurt, I was thrown into celebration. This and more coming up in Part 2  Insha Allah…

Please share with people you love, you never know who needs to hear this message now. May God bless you and make this journey easier for you and for me, Amin.

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