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Welcome to the Love in cancun Page. But before we get started, let me answer the FAQ – Where Can You Buy Love in Cancun? 
In addition to Amazon shopping sites all over the world, a growing list of outlets where the book can be bought in Nigeria can be found here.
love-in-cancun-banner2So What Is Love in Cancun? The Best Seller – Love In Cancun by Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi
was published in April 2016. The story is as follows:

How does one deal with the passing of the most important person in their life, and then deal with the loss of a six-figure job? Nurah hit the pause button on her hectic life and went to Cancun, Mexico, leaving everything she owned behind outside of a change of clothes, to reconnect with herself on a spiritual journey with unknowns around every corner helping guide her back on the path she was meant to be on from the start. Love in Cancun, a heartfelt documentation from a middle aged, single woman’s perspective reveals the challenges of having to face the constant emotional struggles that one who feels as if life had passed her by had felt. She deals with them in a way that few outside of her shoes could understand, and finds herself in an entirely new setting than she had expected.

What Are People Saying?
Don’t take my word for it, please read the reviews on amazon and in the comments section below.

Where Can You Buy Love in Cancun?
In addition to Amazon shopping sites all over the world, a growing list of outlets where the book can be bought in Nigeria can be found here.

Love in Cancun Tours and RELEASE Events
Love in Cancun isn’t just a book, its an “experience” built to inspire readers to fully RELEASE their purpose driven life no matter what! This is why I have been touring the book, meeting my tribe to share behind the scenes scoops, gists and most importantly have conversations about ideas that work even after the last page of the book has been read.
The experience has been phenomenal! We have gone from Maryland USA to Abuja and Lagos, and the feedback has been mind blowing. The takeaway for me after every event has been very simple yet powerful:  “We all struggle, and we are all in this pursuit of happiness together, so we must be kind to one another, and we have to learn to share survival stories to make the journeys  easier for members of our tribe.
Launch FlyerMaryland on April 17th 2016 was the first event. I was nervous and unsure whether anyone would show up, but they did and they gave me wings to fly! Maryland changed my feeling about this book and tours. It became more than opportunities to meet my tribe, it became an experience! Photos are  available here: Maryland 1, Maryland 2, Maryland 3.
50-2Next major stop on the tour bus was Abuja on July 9th 2016. Now this was a new terrain for me, we had a great turn out in Maryland but even if I wanted to force everyone I knew in Abuja to come out, all I would have were perhaps 20 people, so I was nervous. But I decided to practice what I preach in my own RELEASE program by asking big and boldly, and it happened! Abuja was one word – PHENOMENAL! And it gave me wings to fly to Lagos. Photos from the Abuja experience are available here.
Flyer - Patabah July 10Flyer - Ginger Jul 17When the Nigerian Hiphop artiste #BankyW sang “Aint no party like a Lagos, he was telling the whole truth. There is no town that celebrates anything like Lagos! Which is why I knew we couldn’t have one event wasn’t going to be enough, even two wouldn’t work so we did three! And honestly couldn’t have prayed or wished for a better experience to wrap up this first phase in Nigeria. Lagos photos are available here: Lagos 1, Lagos 2 and more photos will be uploaded on Facebook.

What’s Next?

Speaker SheetYes we have had awesome experiences in Maryland, Abuja and Lagos, but mission is not over yet, in fact it is just the beginning of something bigger – the RELEASE program: a formula that will teach you how to find, fund and fully unleash your purpose driven life no matter what! It took me 4 years to learn this formula, but my goal is to make sure it doesn’t take you more than 6 months to learn and prove that it works. Life will always throw curve balls, and the waves will never stop until we stop breathing, but with RELEASE, you will learn how to dance in the rain and talk yourself down from a cliff if you are ready to LIVE. If you wish to have a #LoveInCancun experience in your city, host a RELEASE event for your small group at work or elsewhere, or attend my next RELEASE webinar, please send an email to

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