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One of the first things I re_MG_6928ad today (August 12, 2016) was the following email from a dear friend, and it inspired me to do something I have been contemplating for several days now.  Thanks to Wuraola, I have decided to let you read some of my favorite portions of my best selling book, Love in cancun free. Yes, you read me right, free!

Here is the email I got from Wuraola:
Your book is truly inspiring and i keep meeting ladies who need to read it. It just gives hope. Hope, and reawakens faith. Faith in self and most of all faith in The Almighty. Its a book that one should read over and again till one pushes the boundaries of ones fears and step into greatness. Thank you for stepping forward and showing the rest of us that we we have a choice.” – Wuraola

_MG_6941If you have seen my posts, read the reviews and/or watched my Channels TV interview, you know Love in Cancun is one of the most exciting things that has happened to me so far in 2016. But it’s not just me who is excited about Love in Cancun, the feedback from my tribe has been amazing too. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the book on sites worldwide or any of the sales outlets in Nigeria, here is your chance to see what the “excitement” is all about. I hope you enjoy this piece, which is one of the most special parts of the book for me. So here you go with Part 1 of the free gift!

07:45 a.m.
I have been awake for two hours and, apart from the 15 or so minutes that I spent saying my prayers inside my suite, I have been on the balcony greeting the ocean, praising and worshipping the one who created all this in His majesty without help from anyone and anything. It’s honestly hard to deny the existence of a higher power when you witness the powerful way the sun and the ocean, two amazing forces, meet and greet. When your heart sees the sun use its light to wake up the colors of the ocean and you see the ocean return the salutation by using its gentle breeze to cool off the heat of the sun, you have to know there is a force that makes this type of magic happen; you have to agree that force is God.

There are lovers strolling, solo tourists walking, and birds working their routes along the beach and the skies. So blissful and beautiful, I wish it could last forever. I wish I could just open the doors a little bit and bring my loved ones into this life right now because I miss my sisters, nieces, and nephews so much this morning. I woke up imagining how tough it would be to get Friendly Folly out of the water, to get Professor Moro to stop exclaimingand wowing like an old philosopher and how the damsels of 2008—Teni, Tammy and MojMoj—would have made a soap opera from this entire experience. No point wondering, I have to find out, I have to bring them here soon.

But guess what? I also miss my new family, Habeeb and Nasir. I may never see or hear from them again, but they will always have a special place in my heart. Meeting them yesterday was like watching a diver jump into the calm ocean; you know that splash it makes? That’s exactly what happened yesterday. Those two made a splash in my calm heart; they woke up a part I thought was completely dead and buried. I pray I see them again, I really do!

I brought out my “Accepted Whispers” prayer book, flipped to the prayers for Thursday, and there they were, prayers about hope, children, family, wishes, and divine possibilities. Exactly what I needed! Ameen! Mui bien. Muchas gracias, Ya Allah.

10:35 a.m.
Riu Lobby
I just left my room for my photo shoot appearing like something out of a magazine; in fact, I should just be on the cover of OWN, Ebony, or Essence right about now. This shoot is going to capture my entire vacation experience in 15 shots, so I had to go the extra mile. I chose a blue dress made by the super creative and talented Mariam Gold, its color is in sync with the ocean, the texture agrees with the cool breeze, and my blue-studded hijab aligns with the ensemble. I felt like a superstar during the shoot!

I stepped into the lobby after the shoot and there they were, standing tall like perfect miracles right from heaven: Habeeb and Nasir. Nasir was trying to break free so he could run up to me; of course, I stretched out my arms and wrapped him right where he belonged. I had missed this kid so much, hard to believe I just met him a couple of hours ago. They had been there watching the photo session. Oh my goodness! I felt quite embarrassed and self-conscious now. Habeeb had seen my display of vanity in full color. Oh well! I can only hope he was smiling while watching my drama.

I knelt down so that Nasir and I could be the same height as he stayed in my arms and, more importantly, my heart. It honestly took what seemed like several minutes for me to remember that Nasir was not there alone. Habeeb greeted me warmly and it was when I looked up to respond to him that I noticed her. Oh my goodness! There she was looking stunning and beautiful as if it was her not me who just finished a photo shoot; only she didn’t have to try as hard as I had to. She was in her twenties and a size-4 package. How could I even compete with this? What in the world was I thinking? Of course, a great looking guy like Habeeb with a young son would not be on the shelf for a long time. (Huge sigh!) A rush of disappointment enveloped me as I realized that all the daydreaming was just me exercising my heart as usual. But why in the world did he have to bring her here though? Why did he have to ruin the castle I was building in my head? Perhaps he had noticed my huge crush on him yesterday and he wanted to set things straight before I continued my free fall.

The depressing monologue in my head was interrupted by Habeeb’s calm and rather vague introduction.

“Nurah, this is Titi.”

I quickly put my face together, forced a smile, and said a silent prayer that no one heard the drama my mind has been acting for the past 60 seconds.

“It’s nice to meet you, Titi.”

I held myself back from adding, “And what is Titi’s role in your life?”

I quickly wrapped my crazy thoughts up in a tight bag and turned to Habeeb. “It’s so good to see you all this morning. I forgot to ask what hotel you are staying at.”

“Oh, we are at the Dreams, just next to the Fiesta Americana.”

Imagine, they are actually right next door to the Riu Palace. Instead of taking a left turn out of the hotel yesterday, I might have seen them if I had taken a right turn.

Enough, Nurah, stop the what-ifs. The guy is here with his lady, he is taken.

I asked them if they were hungry and wanted to join me for breakfast, and they said yes. We grabbed some food from El Romaroand sat on the beach for an impromptu picnic.

Nasir couldn’t wait to get wet though; it was a struggle to get him to finish his food before he jumped into the water with Aunty Titi, as he called her. Interesting he called her Aunty but still called me Mama.

Perhaps I still stand a chance here. If the child loves me, perhaps his father may follow suit.

Follow suit? You mean dump the size 4 ‘I am a model without even trying’ Titi for you? Really Nurah, you need to get it together.

Habeeb’s cool voice snapped me out of my monologue one more time before I could finish building and demolishing my sandcastles any further.

“We called you a couple of times last night but it seemed you were having a late night of fun in Cancun.”

“Oh! I am sorry, I didn’t know you called; I went to watch the fantastic African show at the hotel theatre and later took a short walk on the beach.”

“Oh, no need to apologize; we are the ones who should be sorry for barging in on you and literally stalking you. We are probably ruining your getaway; but Nasir cried himself to sleep yesterday and he began asking for you at 5 a.m. today.”

“Then the feeling is mutual because he made quite an impression on me yesterday and I woke up thinking about him too. I bet this must be a challenge for you, though, him getting attached to strange women.”

“You know, that’s the strangest thing. He is honestly very shy around people he doesn’t know. So him and you, I mean all that stuff yesterday completely shocked me.”

I laughed and told him how horrified he looked yesterday, which made him laugh too. I stole a quick glance at him, our gaze met briefly, his eyes were just the most amazing, and electric eyes I had ever seen. Oh! I wish he were single.

That moment, which I wanted to last forever, was interrupted by his phone.

“Sorry, I have to get this.”

I appreciated the break time to get myself together, saved by the bell indeed! His conversation was short; he gave the person at the other end a description of where we were. “That was my brother; he is coming to meet us so we can go to the water park with the kids.”

While Titi and Nasir built castles with the beach sand, Habeeb and I talked about everything and anything. Nasir didn’t seem to need me when he had Titi, and that made me slightly jealous. Although he did run to his dad and me once in a while as if to check that I was still there and not going anywhere.

Habeeb is 34 years old, arghh! Four years younger than I am. His late wife died shortly after Nasir was born, making him a widower at 30 years old. He was devastated; he quit his job at a law firm to focus on his son and grow his passion, travels and tourism in developing countries, into a travel agency business. He and his family were in Cancun for a family wedding holiday on Saturday night.

“Oh, here you are!”

His brother was here, and that broke my heart because I wanted the conversation to continue forever. So what if he is not single and available? Titi didn’t seem to mind him spending these couple of minutes with me anyway. She was happy to be bonding with her future stepson anyway.

“Nurah, meet Alli, my younger brother, Titi’s husband.”

Oh, my goodness! Can you see my heart and head exploding with relief and joy? Did this dude just say Titi wasn’t his wife? Did you hear my chances just go back up? Did you see me just relocate from the dumpster to the mansion? I almost got on my head to do some cartwheels. I almost laughed aloud with great relief, but I kept my composure, Alhamdulillah.

Maybe, just maybe he had brought Titi along to distract Nasir so he and I could get a chance to talk? Hmmmmmm…


PS: Remember you can buy the book on sites worldwide or any of the sales outlets in Nigeria!



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