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One on One with Counselor Balogun

Welcome to Counselor Balogun’s corner – A powerful space where change makers and social/other entrepreneurs get fully equipped to serve their tribe.  Every human being has 2 duties: to find out why they were created, and then find the people who were created to help them make it happen. My goal is to be one of the key resources in your life that make you thrive in your WHY. Whether your route of service is paid employment, entrepreneurship or nonprofit work, Counselor Balogun’s mission is to help you find, learn to fund and fully unleash your calling to serve. My goal is to help you THRIVE!

A Counselor Balogun session is a one-on-one RELEASE session – just you and I.  If you are ready to roll up your sleeves, Counselor Balogun is ready to work with you. Whether you need financial education/advice, someone to help you sort personal issues blocking your path to purpose, or you need your own COO to help birth/execute your biggest ideas yet, I am at your service. If the big guns can do it, so can you, even if it’s just for a few hours a year. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.
How will Counselor Balogun help you unleash your Calling to Serve? Regardless of what your unique situation is, my mission is to help you use your”pain and/or passion” to pursue your profitable purposeAre you ready to thrive? Yes? Select one of the following packages, and let’s get to work!

60-Minutes = $100 (1 Session)

This is a discovery session. We will discuss and drill down on your responses to the questions in the client intake form, and create a strategy for the next level if you decide to proceed. If not, you will walk away from this session with enough tools and clarity to tackle major obstacles ahead.

180-Minutes = $285 (3 Sessions)
This package  provides the opportunity to first of all identify and work through obstacles, then highlight your unique “assets” that can enhance your Calling to Serve. We will also discuss your financial goals and current situation, and identify your desired project(s) or initiatives going forward.

300-Minutes = $450 (5 Sessions)
In addition to the offerings in the 180-Minutes package, we will have 2 more sessions to launch your actual program or initiative, and implement your financial plan to ensure it is working for you.

My goal during our sessions is to work with you as your personal COO and trusted counselor to use your pain and/or passion to pursue a profitable purpose and a happier debt free life.  Ready to unleash your Calling to Serve? Schedule your session here.

Please note that the packages above are for remote/online meetings (video/audio skype, telephone or whatsapp calls.) Onsite meetings are possible, but at different rates, and must  be pre-arranged. Please contact me to schedule a face to face meeting.  

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