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Welcome to Counselor Balogun’s corner – A powerful space where change makers and social/other entrepreneurs get fully equipped to serve their tribe.  Every human being has 2 duties: to find out why they were created, and then find the people who were created to help them make it happen. My goal is to be one of the key resources in your life that make you thrive in your WHY. Whether your route of service is paid employment, entrepreneurship or nonprofit work, Counselor Balogun’s mission is to help you find, learn to fund and fully unleash your calling to serve through customized process, program and/or financial management advisory services.

A Counselor Balogun session is a one-on-one RELEASE session – just you and I.  If you are ready to roll up your sleeves, Counselor Balogun is ready to work with you. Whether you need your own personal CFO for financial advise, financial management education that works for you/your organization, or you need your own COO to help birth/execute your biggest ideas yet, I am at your service. If the big guns can do it, so can you, even if it’s just for a few hours a year. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Appointments and details are available at here.

Why Am I Here?

About 20 years ago, while in my final year at the University of Lagos, before the era of social media, I executed my first crowd funding campaign. I had read the story of a young man in Southeast Nigeria who needed urgent medical care that he couldn’t afford, and I felt called to help him even though I was several miles away in the southwestern part of the country. I recruited a very close friend of mine – Tope Osikoya, and together we knocked on several doors in the hostels, and the result was mind blowing. When I took the money we raised to Fame magazine a couple of days after they ran the story, the journalists I met were shocked. An activist was born.

In 2001, four years after my first campaign, now working as an accountant with Arthur Andersen, I organized another major campaign. This time, it was on a Monday morning after watching ‘NTA News line” the previous evening and seeing a young girl in need of an urgent medical procedure her family could not afford. I went round the office to recount the story to those who didn’t watch it, and reminded those who did, that we had a duty to help, and I was willing to be an organizer. I will never forget the look on the face of the News Director when she was told that I was in the waiting area to deliver help for the girl in the story the network ran the previous night. I knew there was no going back at that point, my calling to serve was clear – to organize ordinary people to do extra ordinary things.

In 2002, I recruited a handful of friends, and we began what is today known as United for Kids Foundation, a “global network of, and platform for, ordinary people doing extra ordinary work to provide relief to thousands of children from low income and socially disadvantaged backgrounds in Nigeria.” I still actively serve United for Kids Foundation as its Coordinating Trustee, a very busy role, which I combined with my hectic Accounting career until 2015 when I resigned to build House of Ganiyah Limited – an organization built to inspire you to find, teach you to fund, and empower you to fully unleash your purpose driven life using my tried and tested RELEASE Formula.

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As the Coordinating Trustee of UKF, I have worked, and still continue to work with hundreds of donors, volunteers, sponsors, staff and fellow trustees to improve the living conditions of thousands of children. One of the major turning points for UKF happened in July 2010 when we beat thousands of other charities to emerge as one of the selected beneficiaries of the Facebook driven Chase Community Giving Campaign, a feat that came with our highest donation to date at the time, a check of $20,000.

After 20 years on this path, I now know for sure that, regardless of our chosen professions or paths, every soul yearns to serve in some capacity. Therefore my goal, as Counselor Balogun is to help you identify and connect with the tribe you have been Called to Serve, and to thrive and profit from your calling.

FullSizeRender 4How will Counselor Balogun help you unleash your Calling to Serve? Regardless of what your unique situation is, my mission is to help you use your”pain and/or passion” to pursue your profitable purposeWhen you work with me, you will learn how to:

  1. Identify your “tribe” and your unique calling to serve whether through paid employment, nonprofit initiatives or socially relevant and profitable business ventures.
  2. Create awareness and organize your tribe to grow your cause.
  3. Execute fundraising events.
  4. Effectively become accountable to your stakeholders to inspire them to act without becoming a nuisance.
  5. Design, develop and implement effective programs.
  6. Create, interprete and use financial tools (e.g. budgets, cash flow statements and profit & loss statements) that are simple and easy to understand.
  7. Partner with other organizations without recreating the wheel.
  8. Serve the world by implementing sustainable and profitable CSR initiatives for your family, SME or corporation.
  9. Navigate difficult geographical terrains like Nigeria.
  10. Use other tools that will help you discover and unleash your Calling to Serve.


60-Minutes = $100 (1 Session)

This is for those who already have clarity regarding their calling or those who have taken prior RELEASE courses who wish to work with me on a specific (and quick) project or deliverable.

180-Minutes = $270 (3 Sessions)
This is the recommended package because it provides the opportunity to first of all identify and work through obstacles, as well as highlight “assets” that can enhance your Calling to Serve before delving into identifying and designing your desired project(s) or initiatives. It also gives us enough time to review your financial history and current situations together before making a plan, if your goal is to set and implement sustainable financial plans.

300-Minutes = $425 (5 Sessions)
In addition to the offerings in the 180-Minutes package, we will work together to launch an actual program or initiative, which you have designed. In short, I will hold your hand while you cross the busy street into your calling, and/or watch you implement your financial plan for two cycles to be sure we have a solid plan before disengaging.

My goal during our sessions is to work with you as your temporary COO and trusted counselor to use your pain and/or passion to pursue a profitable purpose and a happier debt free life.  Ready to unleash your Calling to Serve? Schedule your RELEASE One on One Session here.

Please note that the packages above are for remote/online meetings (video/audio skype, telephone or whatsapp calls.) Onsite meetings are possible, but at different rates, and must  be pre-arranged. Please contact Counselor Balogun here to schedule a face to face meeting.  

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