Money Color

Discover Your Money Personality!

From my interactions with my clients over the years, I have divided people into 5 colors:

  • Green – The Growth Machines
  • Blue – The Cautious Savers
  • Yellow – The Happy Spenders
  • Grey – The Conservative and Content
  • Red – The Debtors

Our attitude towards money (i.e our color) can affect how much of it we actually have or don’t have, and also how much success we achieve with our business ventures.So are you ready to find out what your color is and understand how to fully ‘rock’ that color?

  1. Open the money color guide (it will open in a separate tab,) you will need it after taking the quiz.
  2. Complete the brief quiz, include a valid email address and hit the submit button.
  3. A summary of your answers will be displayed on the screen
  4. Check your color in the  money color guide.
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