Thrive $ is Ganiyah’s signature 4-part online course designed to help our tribe make informed financial decisions. When you sign up for Thrive $ with TFAJ, you will learn how to identify and “own” your unique financial situation in order to make the right decisions for you. Thrive doesn’t focus on making “sacrifices” or push you to “live less” to achieve financial success, it teaches you to make brave and bold choices that help you live fully and purposefully.

Course Outline (Can be customized to serve your group.)

Class 1
RELEASE Overview
Money & Mindfulness

Class 2
Homework Review
5 Laws of Financial Success (M.O.)

Class 3
Homework Review
5 Laws of Financial Success (N.E.Y.)
Money in Love

Class 4
Special Edition - Money & Your Mind
Live Q & A
Gifts & Prizes!

Sign up for a Thrive class with TFAJ, or bring Thrive to your community today! Contact:

Here is what amazing participants are saying about Thrive:

“Thank you for this my dear sister, lots to reflect and work on. Looking forward to our next class.”

“I must tell you my eyes filled with tears when you spoke of me , I have been sad and just said this morning , what is it that I should be doing? the one on one will is so needed for me. Awesome class”
“Love your style, I’ve always loved your very special, very generous, intentional style, how you self-disclose and personalize your content and delivery, it drives the points home in the authentic way and makes it meaningful and memorable.”


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