She-EO is a unique gathering of the most determined and diverse women of African descent. It is a talk-show style experience, which features experts and “battle tested winners” whose stories, authenticity and experiences transform the lives of our audience, and inspire us to think about  Money, Career, Impact, Love & Relationships, Health and Wellness, and Adversity from positions of wholeness and strength. The goal of She-EO is to provide safe platforms for women of African descent to retreat and discuss issues related to personal growth and community engagement.

She-EO is not a career, business or educational conference, it is a unique platform for preparing and positioning women to take opportunities and challenges. We are breaking cultural barriers by having no hold barred discussions about issues that are “taboo” topics in many cultures and communities, because these barriers have to be broken so millions of women can live more fulfilling lives, and make better contributions in their communities.

Learn more about She-EO here.

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