You Can’t Grow …….

IMG_1549Every time I feel like House of Ganiyah isn’t meeting its “financial obligations” to me, I attempt to go back to accounting/finance. Why? It’s a “route” I know and navigated profitably for 2 decades. So earlier this year, I decided to attend a financial counseling conference that would help me better explore the route I “already” knew. The 1st day was okay, but the 2nd day was painful. The sessions were “interesting” but I kept scanning the room thinking “who are these people? These things they are teaching to do aren’t the things my tribe need to learn. Yes there are folks who need this, but they are not my tribe.”
On the morning of day 3, the final day, which I skipped completely I started having an internal struggle. The thought of going back home that day to find “financial counseling” work kept sinking my heart no matter how hard I tried to lift it up, then I dared to think about scaling #RELEASE, doing an inspiring #MoneyMagic conference, making #SheEO bigger and better, re-launching Impact Africa to fund and build up micro social change makers in Africa, and my heart began beating fast and furiously. I began to visualize people coming in and out of the events feeling able and inspired, then my chest literally began to ache with fear, that fear your heart feels when you get on a high way in a busy fast paced city that isn’t home. So I decided to do it! What’s the worst that will happen? Failure. But if I am not ready to lose it all, then I am not ready for prime time.
We can’t grow when we stay on familiar lanes. It is only when we challenge own inner “status quo” that success happens. Until we decide to go big or go home, we will always be stuck as spectators of success. So if you are ready to stop being a spectator in your own life, then sign up to join me on my #RELEASE#NG tour in #Abuja on 25.11.17, #Lagos on 2.12.17 or #Ibadan on 9.12.17 #ISA#BGG. These are going to be small group sessions to ensure maximum benefits to my tribe, so you must be registered to attend. All registration details are at:
PS: These aren’t magic pill events, or motivational feel good talk-shops, these are inspiring and empowering “encounters” that will give you the clarity and strength you need to “do it.” Are you ready?
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